Are China tiles better than Italian?

Are China tiles better than Italian?

When it comes to buying tiles people always have the perception that Italy tiles are better quality than China. But is that the truth? Although this isn't always the case, European tiles are typically thought to be of higher quality than Chinese or Indian tiles. Because of this, many tile shops are stocked with Italian flags, tile names, and collections. This strategy aims to persuade you that they are purchasing premium tiles from Europe and charging you accordingly. In reality, This does not imply that Chinese tiles are of lower quality or will not produce outcomes comparable to those of European tiles. In fact, we would argue that Chinese products are of better quality than Italians. For the Chinese tiles that we provide, we can guarantee that the tiles edges are straight and thus installation would be much easier.

Now that we have an understanding that there are little to no difference between Italian and Chinese tiles. Lets learn about how different location in China offers different quality of products.

The major locations for tiles production in China:


In China, Guangdong is renowned for having a strong ceramic wall tile sector. With Foshan as its core hub, this region accounts for more than 50% of China's annual manufacturing. The best in the world in terms of manufacturing, business, product support, and technical scale is presently Foshan Ceramics, which is well-known worldwide.

In this area, you can choose from a number of high-quality flooring brands. In China, Foshan is renowned for being the market leader, particularly in the ceramic and porcelain tile industries.


A significant part in China's ceramic tile industry is also played by Shandong. This area produces a variety of ceramic and porcelain tiles and is renowned for its many patterns and designs. This area is one of the top producers of tiles since it is also well-known for creating architectural, industrial, art, garden, and sanitary ceramics.

The vast radiated area of Shandong is another factor contributing to its continued prominence in the tile market. For low- to middle-grade ceramic tiles, this is advantageous.  A certain percentage of Shandong's building tile businesses are state-owned corporations.


Another significant region that produces ceramic tiles is Fujian. Brick wall tiles and floor tiles were among Fujian's early specialties. The tile industry in this area has changed with time, nevertheless.

Stone bricks, wall tiles, and other distinctive items are being produced in Fujian. There are a lot of small factories in the region. However, these factories are renowned for producing superior China tiles that are competitive with those from other ceramic tile countries.


Leading producers and exporters of ceramic and decorative tiles may be found in Hebei. The ceramic, polished, glazed, brick, mosaic, and wall tile production in this area is well-known. Tiles from Hebei are created to European quality standards.

Some businesses in this area differentiate themselves from the competition by using eco-friendly sketching supplies. Beautiful handcrafted and hand-painted ceramic art tiles are made in Hebei. Consequently, it draws a lot of providers and clients that are looking for distinctive items.


Jiangxi formerly enjoyed a reputation as the land of glazed brick tiles. Several ceramic tile suppliers from various regions have made investments in Jiangxi over the past few years to support emission reduction laws and energy conservation. Currently, this area is home to numerous large-scale tile production facilities, including as those at Gao'an, Pingxiang, and Jiujiang. According to specialists in the field, Jiangxi will eventually overtake Foshan as the main region for the manufacture of tiles.

No matter what region in China you choose from you will always be able to find high quality products that serve your needs.

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